Interest-free Shopping Rocks

PayCheck Direct® is a purchase program brought to you by your employer. You can buy what you need and want now and pay for it interest free, with hassle-free, automatic electronic payments over 12 months.

Whether planned or unplanned, purchases are a part of life, but they shouldn’t break the bank. PayCheck Direct extends the reach of your wallet by giving you a tool that helps you to shop responsibly and manage your short- and long-term finances.

When you shop with PayCheck Direct, you choose from thousands of competitively priced, name-brand products, including appliances, furniture, TVs, computers and more. You’ll also enjoy no interest, no fees and no credit checks. 

You’re eligible to participate in the shopping program when you:

• Are 18 years of age or older

• Have an annual income of at least $16,000

• Have been employed for a minimum of 6 months

Getting started with PayCheck Direct is easy. Go to and browse the online catalog! The minimum purchase limit is $150. After you place your order, we’ll confirm you meet our eligibility requirements before processing your order and shipping right to your door.  


*To learn more about your purchase limit, payments, our return policy and other important details about the program, go to your shopping website and click on Customer Service or see your installment agreement generated during the checkout process. PayCheck Direct® is operated by Bluestem Enterprises, Inc.

†See details on your installment agreement generated during the checkout process.