YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program

Studies show that lifestyle changes and modest weight reduction can delay the onset of diabetes by 58%. The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program understand this and helps those at risk make lifestyle changes by focusing on:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Increasing Physical Activity
  • Losing Weight

Participants in the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program meet with a trained lifestyle coach for 16 weeks. During the sessions you learn how to make healthier food choices, how to incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine and how to manage a healthy weight. After the initial 16 sessions, you meet monthly for added support to help you maintain your progress.

Interested?  Complete the YMCA Provider Referral Form and fax it to 914.378.6053 ATTN: Associate Wellness Dietitian. For more information, call the Associate Wellness Dietitian at 347.504.4944 or email [email protected]. Lab values are not needed to fax the referral.

Diabetes Prevention Program Flyer