With PerksConnect, you and your family will be able to save money on many products and services. Find local businesses close to home and work, across the country or conveniently shop online for discounts from nationally recognized retailers.

There are no fees to register and you pay nothing to use the card. The more you use your PerksCard, the more you save.

Here’s how you can obtain your discounts.

  • In Store – Show your PerksCard to participating merchants at the time of each purchase to receive your discount.
  • Print Coupons – Download and print discount coupons.
  • Online – Receive discounts on gift cards and purchases through the PerksConnect website! You cannot get these discounts in stores.

Register at

  • Follow the registration instruction in the “New Card Member” section. Use the Group Code: MontefioreMC. Click “Register”.
  • Create your personal profile, and then click “Submit.” Your personal information is always safe and secure. PerksConnect will not sell your information to other companies.
  • Your Program Landing Page has a list of local merchants that have offered discounts especially to you and Montefiore; these are “Featured Merchants” located on the right side of the landing page. These are all “In-Store” discounts!
  • Exciting promotions are added weekly. Log-in often and check out what’s new.